Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Blogging hell

Well. Blog. Go on then. Blog, you self obsessed little nerd.

That is the voice that twitters into my innermost conscience. I've ignored it thus far, citing a prejudice that bloggers are all merely nurturing a narcissistic tendency and sharing their inconsequences with inconsequentials. But, I've just decided that all prejudices, even ones that are obviously correct, are wrong and should be challenged. So, here we go. Sometimes I may talk all clever like; sometimes I may discuss matters of a decidedly low brow leaning. Music will be a main concern, but, as in my everyday conversations with real people as a pose to you false e-people, I do tend to veer off down cul-de-sacs: ancient and medieval history and how it tells us the answer to everything; Welsh language and culture; football being the other answer to everything; religion being not just for thick bigots; stuff that just happens to have happened.

I'm off to muse. See you later.

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