Monday, 1 June 2009

Hello? Is there anybody there?

The debate rages. Or at least my side of it does. Following my recent emailed letter to the British National Party, I've heard nothing from them in reply as yet. Which seems a little incongruous and even strange considering their almost feverish determination to mop up the 'disillusioned vote'. A gentle reminding nudge was in order, so I've just emailed the following follow up. I will post any responses that come my way. If they ever materialise that is...

Dear sir or madam,

I recently sent you the query below regarding your policies on immigration. I asked you to define the term 'indigenous Britons' that is very frequently referred to in your party literature to help me understand your philosophies and to cast an informed vote in the forthcoming local and European elections. This leaves me unsure as to whether or not I can describe myself as indigenous to Britain. As I have, as yet, not heard a reply from your office, I am assuming that either there is no satisfactory explanation for referring to anybody as an indigenous Briton - other than the Welsh perhaps - or that you don't particularly want my vote. Or would it help if I sent a photograph?

Every other party I have asked direct questions of regarding their policies has managed to reply or at least pointed me in the right direction to find out more. I am very disappointed that you, as a publicly accountable political organisation, have been unable to do likewise. Surely, as you seem very keen at pointing out the all too evident lack of accountability shown by our leading political parties, you would want to display to a voting member of the public such as me that you care about explaining your policies and philosophies. Or maybe you don't want my vote?

Either way, it would be great to hear from you before June 4th. At the moment, I am deciding to vote only for a party that is able to explain exactly what it stands for. That seems to me to be the only commonly sensible way to use my privileged position as a British voter.

Yours faithfully,

Liam Owen, Bristol.


  1. Would be interesting to hear if you get a response!

  2. Would be interesting to hear if you ever get a response.


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